AMS Special Session: Numerical Semigroups and Applications (CANCELLED, COVID-19)
A numerical semigroup is a nonempty subset of the non-negative integers that is closed under addition and whose complement is finite. The simplicity of this concept makes it possible to state problems that are easy to understand but whose resolution is far from trivial, a fact that attracted several renowed mathematicians from the end of the nineteenth century through today. A famous toy example is the Coin Exchange Problem: what is the largest monetary amount that cannot be obtained using only coins of specified denominations?

The aim of this session is to gather researchers who work on numerical semigroups from a classic point of view, and mix them with others who focus on the many facets of applications of numerical semigroups in other areas of mathematics. We will also include advanced undergraduate (REU-related) and graduate students in our session.
Session Announcements
January 6, 2020: This webpage has been created.
Session Dinner
A session dinner will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at 7:00pm. Details are forthcoming.
Transportation will be arranged on Saturday afternoon. If you would like to attend dinner, please contact the organizers.
The AMS Sectional page, including the complete program.
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Given below is the current schedule for our session. See the AMS Sectional page for the full conference schedule.
Saturday Morning, May 2nd, 2020
08:30am-08:50am Roberto Pelayo Visualization Methods for Numerical Semigroups
09:00am-09:20am Lenny Fukshansky Positive semigroups and generalized Frobenius numbers over totally real number fields
09:30am-09:50am Jay Daigle Delta sets of arithmetic and geometric semigroups with respect to non-minimal generating sets
10:00am-10:50am Scott Chapman Factorization invariants of Puiseux monoids generated by geometric sequences
Saturday Afternoon, May 2nd, 2020
03:00pm-03:20pm Hayan Nam Counting numerical semigroups using polytopes
03:30pm-03:50pm Tara Gomes Numerical semigroups, Polyhedra, and Posets: Exploring the Kunz Polyhedra
04:00pm-04:20pm Eduardo Torres Davila Minimal Presentation of Kunz Posets
04:30pm-04:50pm Bryan Gillespie Ehrhart Theory of Numerical Semigroup Structures
05:00pm-05:20pm Joseph Gubeladze From numerical to affine and back
05:30pm-05:50pm Michael DiPasquale Generalizing Wilf's conjecture to higher dimensions
Sunday Morning, May 3rd, 2020
08:30am-08:50am Ayomikun Adeniran Invariants of quotients of a numerical semigroup
09:00am-09:20am Felix Gotti Other-half-factoriality on monoids and domains
09:30am-09:50am Harold Polo On the sets of lengths of Puiseux monoids generated by multiple geometric sequences
10:00am-10:50am Alfred Geroldinger On strongly primary monoids and domains
Sunday Afternoon, May 3rd, 2020
02:00pm-02:20pm Nicholas Baeth Multiplicative factorization in numerical semigroups
02:30pm-02:50pm Paul Baginski Elasticity and Factorization in Numerical Semigroup Rings
03:00pm-03:20pm Kurt Herzinger Numerical Semigroups and the Game of Sylver Coinage