Semigroups, Generating Functions, and Polytopes (SGPs) Research Seminar
Time: Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm
GMCS 405
Organizer: Dacia Bond
If you have questions, or would like to attend or speak in the seminar this semester, please email the organizers. Links to abstracts and resources will be posted when available.
Fall Semester 2022
Aug 31, 2022 Emily O'Sullivan Characteristics of symmetric numerical semigroups and glued numerical semigroups and the Kunz cone
Sep 7, 2022 James Howard Definitely not the GRE Math Subject Test
Sep 14, 2022 Aurora Vogul Extending the current geometric model for the architecture of viruses using the triangle path framework
Sep 21, 2022 Kieran Hilmer Minimal presentations of numerical semigroups by multiplicity and embedding dimension
Sep 28, 2022 Anthony Park Finding the cross-sectional volume of the Kunz cone
Oct 5, 2022 Shadi Gaskari Counting numerical semigroups with fixed multiplicity \(m\) and genus \(g\)
Oct 12, 2022 SGPs Alumni Grad School Panel
Oct 19, 2022 Derek Rawling Max factorization length in a semigroup algebra
Oct 26, 2022 Dacia Bond The McEliece Cryptosystem
Nov 2, 2022 Emily O'Sullivan Understanding the face structure of the Kunz cone
Nov 9, 2022 Christopher O'Neill Finite fields, block designs, and geometry
Nov 16, 2022 Gordon Rojas Kirby TBA
Nov 23, 2022  
Nov 30, 2022 James Howard
Dec 6, 2022   Bowling and/or Ice Cream
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