Semigroups, Generating Functions, and Polytopes (SGPs) Research Seminar
Time: Tuesdays 4:15pm - 5:05pm
GMCS 405
Organizer: Emily O'Sullivan
If you have questions, or would like to attend or speak in the seminar this semester, please email the organizers. Links to abstracts and resources will be posted when available.
Spring Semester 2023
Jan 31, 2023 Derek Rawling Max factorization length in a semigroup algebra
Feb 7, 2023 James Howard On Graver bases of shifted families of numerical semigroups with 3 generators, and extensions of these results to arbitrarily many generators
Feb 14, 2023 Aurora Vogel An introduction to convex shells built from a single building block
Feb 21, 2023 Gordon Rojas Kirby Triangle Groups (Part 2)
Feb 28, 2023 Emily O'Sullivan Understanding the face structure of the Kunz cone
Mar 7, 2023 Kieran Hilmer Minimal presentations of numerical semigroups by multiplicity and embedding dimension
Mar 14, 2023 USTARS Practice Practice talks for the USTARS conference
Mar 21, 2023 Anthony Park Finding the cross-sectional volume of the Kunz cone
Mar 28, 2023  
Apr 4, 2023 Shadi Gaskari Counting numerical semigroups according to multiplicity and genus
Apr 11, 2023 Gabbi Engler Double feature: Minimal presentation cardinality of shifted affine semigroups / The Froebenius number as a quasipolynomial
Maryam Sabagh
Apr 18, 2023 Caleb Folorunso Double feature: The Kunz poset and hyperplane for face dimension in numerical semigroups / Factorization behavior of \(n\)-dimensional affine semigroups
Hanh Nguyen
Apr 25, 2023 Derek Rawling Taxation: A choose your own adventure presentation
May 2, 2023   Party!
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