AMS Special Session: Factorization and Arithmetic Properties of Integral Domains and Monoids
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Pictures: Numerous photographs taken throughout the session. Many thanks to Ayman Badawi for sharing!
During the last 20 years, the structure theory involving the arithmetic of commutative monoids has taken many large steps forward. Many applications of this theory, in particular to the multiplicative monoids of integral domains, have appeared throughout the mathematical literature. The aim of this session is to review recent developments in this area by bringing together researchers from quite different areas of algebra under the umbrella of commutative monoids.
Session Announcements
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Session Dinner
A session dinner will be held on Friday, March 22nd at 7:00pm at Uncle Bo's Pupu Bar & Grill.
Transportation will be arranged on Friday afternoon. If you would like to attend dinner, please contact the organizers.
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Given below is the current schedule for our session. See the AMS Sectional page for the full conference schedule.
Friday Morning, March 22nd, 2019
09:00am-09:20am Nathan Kaplan Families of numerical semigroups: Kunz coordinates and semigroup trees
09:30am-09:50am Paul Baginski Nonunique factorization in the ring of integer-valued polynomials
10:00am-10:20am Marly Gotti Factorization invariants of cyclic rational semirings
10:30am-10:50am Vadim Ponomarenko Membership and elasticity in certain affine monoids
Friday Afternoon, March 22nd, 2019
03:00pm-03:20pm Byung Gyun Kang Infinite products
03:30pm-03:50pm Ayman Badawi On \(n\)-pseudo valuation domains
04:00pm-04:20pm Bethany Kubik \(\tau\)-factorization and \(\tau\)-elasticity
04:30pm-04:50pm ------------------------------ BREAK ------------------------------
05:00pm-05:20pm Mi Hee Park Noetherian-like properties in polynomial and power series rings
05:30pm-05:50pm Roger Wiegand The monoid of Betti tables over a short Gorenstein algebra
Saturday Morning, March 23rd, 2019
09:00am-09:20am Nicholas Baeth Factorization in monoids that are almost complement-finite ideals of free monoids
09:30am-09:50am Maria Bras-Amoros On numerical semigroups
10:00am-10:20am Roberto Pelayo Leamer monoids and the Huneke-Wiegand conjecture
10:30am-10:50am Mark Batell Polynomials with half-factorial coefficients
Saturday Afternoon, March 23rd, 2019
02:00pm-02:20pm Wolfgang Schmid A characterization of Krull monoids for which sets of lengths are arithmetical progressions
02:30pm-02:50pm Sylvia Wiegand Prime ideals in rings of power series and polynomials
03:00pm-03:20pm Daniel Smertnig Class groups of cluster algebras
03:30pm-03:50pm ------------------------------ BREAK ------------------------------
04:00pm-04:50pm Alfred Geroldinger Sets of arithmetical invariants in transfer Krull monoids
Sunday Morning, March 24th, 2019
09:00am-09:20am Klara Stokes Patterns of ideals of numerical semigroups
09:30am-09:50am Felix Gotti On the atomicity of monoid algebras of finite characteristic
10:00am-10:20am Richard Hasenauer A characterization of non-Noetherian BFDs and FFDs
10:30am-10:50am Jesse Elliot Unique factorization in rings with zerodivisors (cancelled)